St Pats field teams in all grades across the Hockey ACT competition structure. 

Capital League 1

Capital League 2

State League 1(2 teams)

State League 2 (2 teams)

State League 3

State League 4

Capital League (CL1, CL2) and State League SL1, SL2, SL3, SL4) women's competitions run by Hockey ACT are generally scheduled on a Sunday afternoon/evening.

Chris McKinnon Memorial Weekend


Capital League

Wednesdays: Taylor (Tuggeranong) – 6-7pm, and Watt (Lyneham) – 8.30-9.30pm.
Men and Women will alternative between venues. E.g. Men on Watt 17/03, Women on Watt 24/03 etc. - please ensure you liaise with your team managers and coaches as these dates may be subject to change.

Thursdays: Carter (Lyneham) – 7-8pm.

State League

Tuesdays: Powell – 7-8pm, and 8-9pm (Rotating Roster)

Please note that due to the disjointed training allocations the club has received this year we have a 8pm – 9pm Tuesday training session.

Similar to the CL alternate training sessions for the late timeslot, a rotating roster has been implemented to ensure fairness. Once every 3 weeks your SL squad will be allocated the later 8-9pm training time. The roster has been included below for your convenience.



No matter your skill level or ability, St Pats offer a team at the level that is right for you.

Use the form below to contact our Women's Coordinator for more information on playing in green. 

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